Women Mountain Biking at Northstar

Progression on Pedals: A Ladies Weekend on the Mountain

It is safe to say that there are certain regions of our country that are more progressive than others. For example, in our beautiful state of California, the Avocado, as well as darker leafy greens, such as Kale or Swiss Chard, have become common place, where as on a large portion of the East Coast, these same produce remain almost ostracized, hardly thought of as edible ("How do you even eat this?").

In California, we have found many ways in which to progress, with women seemingly leading the charge towards a brighter, more equitable future, not to mention a healthier one. We have seen women empowering themselves in the process, expressing themselves in ways that challenge more traditional, but now antiquated norms.

Nothing embodies this new and empowered feminine form more than the woman seen mountain biking. A sport that up until recently was male-dominated now sees more and more women taking to the bike trails that wind their way through some of the most wild and rugged terrain our state has to offer. 

Here at Northstar, there have been several initiatives put in motion which align the resort with California's progressive agenda. Over this weekend, on Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th we will see a spirited gathering of women taking to the bike trails available at Northstar.

What will make this event special is that there will be three pro-riders on hand, providing instruction as well as advice and inspiration for riders of all levels. Rachel Straight, Laura Bruneau, and Heather Munive have been traveling the world competing as international pro-riders for years and will bring their wealth of knowledge to this weekend of fun, camaraderie, and regeneration (morning yoga will be held on Sunday for all those wanting to participate).

For more information about this two-day event, go here for a full breakdown of itinerary, packages, participants, and pedal options (for those of you requiring bike rental). It is sure to be a great time as the summer season here in Tahoe continues to explode with adventure and activity!





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