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The Keto Diet Comes to Truckee

Have you ever wondered why some nights provide you with a long stretch of uninterrupted sleep, whereas others leave you tossing and turning? Do you ever notice that sometimes when you exercise you seem to have a bottomless reservoir of energy, as opposed to other instances when you find yourself hopping off the treadmill almost as soon as you've jumped on, fatigued and out of breath? Some mornings, getting out of bed is a joy, whereas other mornings you have to virtually pry yourself off the mattress.

These are questions you may or may not be interested in answering. To the biohack, however, there are none more compelling. Biohacking is a type of sleuthing, really; a biological investigation of one's own body to discover how it reacts to what is being put in it.

Eating is so habitual, as is going shopping for that which we eat. Think about it. We generally go to the same supermarket and purchase the same produce and ingredients to prepare a pretty short list of the same meals. When we go to a new supermarket or we decide to make a new meal, there is effort involved. It requires more thought because we are engaging in something non-habitual, something that is new and which has yet to become a habit. In this act of performing something new, there is discomfort, and this is why we generally are less apt to develop new and improved habits.

Furthermore, eating is a source of pleasure, so if we are told that something from our diet—especially if it something we derive pleasure from—needs to be eliminated in the name of health or more sustainable levels of energy, say, most of us would simply scoff or shake our heads in defiance—or perhaps even shed a tear.

The fact is, that implementing dietary restrictions in response to certain ailments or in order to improve brain function, energy levels, and sleep quality has been scientifically proven to work.

Now everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for another, but one of the more common diets out there today is known as the Ketogenic Diet. Essentially, the Keto Diet eliminates the body's need to function on carbohydrates (or glucose=sugar) and establishes ketones as the primary source of energy. According to Dr. John Limansky, otherwise known as the Keto Doctor, the Keto Diet "is a way of eating with a specific ratio of fats-to-proteins-to-carbohydrates to ensure that your body is in a constant fat-burning state. It is centered around mostly consuming healthy fats, frequent lean protein, and a very small amount of carbohydrates." The benefits? There are many. But those that may interest you the most would be: better sexual function, stress and anxiety reduction, weight loss, and stifled illness.

And, believe me, there are more.

If you would care to learn more about the Keto Diet and its myriad of health benefits because you fancy yourself a biohack or would possibly be interested in improving your daily life through dietary adjustment, you are in luck. Dr. Limansky will be giving a lecture in Truckee on Monday, March 11th from 6:00-8:00 PM as part of Tahoe Silicon Mountain's "Mountain Minds Monday" lecture series. The event will take place at 11509 Northwoods Boulevard and is sure to be enlightening—suggested donation starting at $5.

Dr. Limansky is a board-certified physician of internal medicine who hosts his own podcast. If you would like to find out more about the Keto Doctor before attending, visit his website.

I wish you all the best and thank you for reading. Happy improving!        

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