The Best Summer Events in Truckee and Tahoe

Ready, Set, Rock! Music Events Kick Off the Summer Season in Truckee

One thing is for certain about the town of Truckee, not to mention all those who choose to live here, and that is that there is absolutely no shortage of vitality—there’s just something in the water. With that being said, there are several outdoor events taking place over the next few weeks which might have to be enjoyed in the cold rain (and perhaps snow), but which will be enjoyed fervently nonetheless, for they will be attended by the spirited locals and visitors that make Truckee such a vibrant and special place.

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Last Sunday’s Disastrous Traffic Event: What Happened?

Last Sunday’s disastrous traffic event, one that saw approximately 80,000 departing motorists stuck on the roads in and around Truckee for hours, has left many people talking and asking questions. Untimely would be the word to describe the unfortunate sequence of events which took place on Sunday, with a mass exodus of westbound travelers departing the town of Truckee just as an aggressive winter storm hit. How was this crisis not averted?

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What’s so Great About Truckee?—by Nick Cisik

Here’s the thing about Truckee, it’s awesome. If you don’t know that, now you know. I could end the blog here, but in these days and times, it is best and honorable to back up your claim with supporting evidence, wouldn’t you agree? Here you are then.

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Future Minds Found(ed) in Truckee at Tahoe Expedition Academy—by Nick Cisik

A select group of students from Truckee’s own Tahoe Expedition Academy had the privilege recently to meet with a visiting youth council from Conwy, Wales. The goal of this summit was to share ideas surrounding the two countrys’ political systems and the role of today’s youth in shaping the governments of tomorrow.

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Thankful for our Friend – Remembering Katie Morrison

As we celebrate 4 years of owning and operating our own business this Thanksgiving season, we remember and celebrate our dear friend and business associate, Katie Morrison. We are thankful and blessed to have known and partnered with such an amazing business woman and brilliant community leader. Katie’s relentless drive for excellence and success in […]

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