Here is the Best of Truckee

What's so Great About Truckee?—by Nick Cisik

Here's the thing about Truckee, it's awesome. If you don't know that, now you know. I could end the blog here, but in these days and times, it is best and honorable to back up your claim with supporting evidence, wouldn't you agree? Here you are then.

Air Quality

Think about this for a moment, depending on what your preference is in terms of living environment, the air quality at 6,000+ feet above sea level is exceptional. Know about the importance of red blood cells? The job of red blood cells is to transport oxygen to your body's tissues in exchange for carbon dioxide. At altitude, the air is considered "thinner," meaning there are fewer oxygen molecules per volume of air. To compensate for this and aid in oxygen delivery to our muscles at elevation, our bodies produce a far greater amount of red blood cells than they would at sea level. This is why when athletes who train at altitude compete at lower elevations, they tend not to experience the same fatigue as athletes who have not trained at altitude, because they have more red blood cells pumping oxygen to the tissue and muscles which are in need; this all resulting in dominant levels of stamina. Now go get'em!

Bars & Bistros

There are now a handful of hip and hearty watering holes as well as top quality eateries where, upon leaving, your friends might notice that a giant grin has taken up permanent residence on your face. Here's one: Truckee Brewing Co. With their exceedingly palatable line of craft brews and easy-going atmosphere, you're sure to have a good time. And, as luck should have it, there lies another tasting room right around the corner on Industrial Way. Truckee Mountain Brewing Co. serves up some of the area's most mouth-watering brews in yet another welcoming atmosphere. No pretense, just quality craft brewing.

Food options? You bet. Don't miss the farm-to-table freshness and guilt free menu items being served up by the friendly bar staff over at Old Town TapGreat atmosphere, great eats, friendly staff. What more could you be desirous of? In the same vein and just a few feet down the block, you'll find Truckee Tavern. Another purveyor of all things artisan, this downtown gastro pub serves up local fair, hearty and sure to leave you belly full. Think eating, drinking, and being merry. Lastly, if you're in the mood for authentic barbecue and a real locals hang, head across the tracks—literally—and pay a visit to 1882 Bar & Grill. Located underneath the River Street Inn, 1882 smokes its own meats and prides itself on making everything on the menu from scratch. The proprietors, Matt Brown and Wendy Smith are the most welcoming of hosts and have a way of making you and your family feel instantly at home.

Coffee? Um, yea.

Being a coffee snob, one who grinds his own beans, takes a temperature of the brew water to ensure optimal brewing, and one who enjoys combining different roasts in his pursuit of the perfect blend, take it from me, it's all about Coffeebar. Since its inception, Coffeebar has branded itself as the community hub of North Lake Tahoe, where local art is displayed, Italian soccer league matches are televised, and top-quality coffee is poured at a consistently high level, all without even a hint of pretense (refreshing, I know). Now there are two locations, one on Jiboom street in downtown Truckee, the other at the opposite end of town.

The Great Outdoors

My favorite days here in Truckee fall during the summer months (barring having to suffer through the effects of an unusually aggressive wildfire season). Temperatures generally range anywhere from the low-forties during the night and the low-eighties during the day with a big sun to keep things baking as a cool mountain breeze seems to constantly dance through the region. I like to run on a mountain trail (my favorite being the Donner Lake Rim Trial) or around a tennis court up at the Tahoe Donner Tennis Center where head pro Ian Mindell runs a top notch program. Immediately after, I drive to Donner Lake, find a parking spot, and jump into its cool waters, waters which I am convinced hold some mystical healing property (for I always feel great after spending only a few minutes in them). Truckee offers this and so much more in the way of immediate access to world-class outdoor activity. Then, if you want a taste of night life, you have that at your fingertips as well, not to mention a little city known as San Francisco only a few hours down the road.

Truckee is awesome and there you have it. If you'd like to book a stay and see if what I say is true, consider consulting our associates over at Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals. Their knowledgable concierge team is always at-the-ready to assist you in the reserving of that perfect mountain retreat for you and your family to call home while in Truckee.        

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