A Winter Storm Warning is defined as: a winter weather event carrying precipitation in the form of snow, ice, or sleet with at least one of these precipitation elements meeting or exceeding locally defined 12 and/or 24 hour warning criteria. According to the National Weather Service, this next storm is expected to hit the Greater Lake Tahoe region around 10:00 PM this evening, Wednesday, February 28th, and the warning is in effect through Saturday morning, March 3rd.  At least 2 to 5 feet of snow is expected to fall in the High Sierra above 7,000 feet and approximately 1 to 3 feet at the 6,000 foot level. There will be blizzard conditions including low visibility, high winds, and periodic whiteouts due to blowing snow and heavy snowfall.  Travel at any point through Saturday morning, but particularly Thursday through Friday morning will be extremely challenging and authorities have advised against it. You can obtain road conditions by dialing 511.  Here are recommended ways to prepare and stay safe:
  1. Stay indoors throughout the storm until elements subside.
  2. Use extreme caution when walking and driving on icy roads. If you think you're driving too slow you're probably driving at the proper speed.
  3. Before driving, let a few friends know where you're traveling to, your route, and your estimated time of arrival.
  4. If you lose feeling in any part of your body, make sure to cover the unprotected area (don't rub the skin) and seek immediate medical attention.
  5. When shoveling snow, take your time, take breaks, and use your legs. Proper technique can and will prevent injury.
  6. Stay dry. 
Follow this link to the Red Cross's Winter Storm Preparedness site. Here you will find a comprehensive resource which will help to ensure you and your family stay safe during extreme winter conditions. And, as always, our team of professionals here at Carr Long Real Estate are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Feel free to call and stay safe!  

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