Alibi Ale Works in Truckee Celebrates Oktoberfest and Brews Craft

Truckee Celebrates Oktoberfest 2018—by Nick Cisik

Truckee Celebrates Oktoberfest 2018

On October 12th, 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. On that auspicious occasion, the citizens of Munich were invited to join in the celebration, which took place in front of Munich's city gates. Horse races were held to close out the day and, subsequently, took place again the following year at the request of the inaugural attendees. These are the abridged origins of what has evolved into one of today's most fervent cultural events, one enjoyed around the world and known endearingly as...Oktoberfest!

I have never been to the actual Oktoberfest held in Munich (sad to say), but am consoled by the fact that you can now find towns and cities all over the United States which host their own, sufficiently authentic versions of this beloved festival every October. What I like most about this celebration of all-things-German, is that it brings people together under the banner of quality beer (more on that in a minute), authentic German food, and—if you're a German folk music lover—great music! You'll notice in any true German beer hall, that long wooden tables line the space and are the only seating available. I believe this signature aspect of commune speaks volumes to why German beer culture is so popularized. It's because being seated at such a table promotes connection amongst people, and that is why those who choose to spend their time in such a place find it so fulfilling, because of the human connection it entails.

The craft beer movement has been going strong in the United States for well over a decade now, so much so that even the smallest and most remote of towns seems to contain within its modest boundaries a local brewery. Here in Truckee, California, at least two independent breweries have popped up within the past year and the one leading the charge, Alibi Ale Works, will be hosting its own Oktoberfest this weekend.

Alibi brews excellent beer—that's a fact—and they even employ the same long wooden tables as your more traditional German bier hall. Furthermore—and this is a testament to Alibi's dedication to and passion for the craft—they brew a handful of different German style beers for the occasion. Darker beers such as Schwarzbier and Dunkelweizen will be available as well as lighter, easier sipping options such as Märzen, Lager, and Kölsch. First of all, most breweries wouldn't go through the trouble of brewing their own German style beer. Secondly, if they did, it probably wouldn't be any good, considering the fact that the gold standard to be met is one that has been achieved only through hundreds of years of dedication and meticulous quality control. Germany actually has a Purity Act known as Reinheitsgebot, that dates back to the year 1516. It is an actual piece of legislation, a law that restricts brewers and only allows for three ingredients to be used in the brewing of German beer: water, barley, and hops. Now that is devotion—or madness—anywaaaaay, let's not get off topic. The celebration kicks off this Friday, October 5th at 12:00 PM and continues through closing on Sunday the 7th. There will be music, there will be food, and there will be people—no different than water, barely, and hops. Reinheitsgebot!


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