Truckee is the best place for Valentine's Day

Truckee : The Best Valentine's Getaway–by Nick Cisik

It's never too early to start planning that perfect Valentine's Day event for you and that special someone. Luckily for you the town of Truckee and the expanse of wilderness that surrounds it are at your disposal offering up the finest in dining, adventure, and entertainment. 

Over the past 10 years, Truckee has seen its historic downtown center transform into a hotbed for foodies, winos, and all things artisan. There are at least five viable options in the immediate downtown vicinity for any couple seeking out a quality meal, served in pleasant ambiance, and prepared with locally sourced ingredients. 

First and foremost, there is Pianeta. If you are at all familiar with Truckee, then you are familiar with this fine dining fixture that serves up delectable Italian cuisine in an intimate setting that simply cannot be outdone. Their wine list is extensive, the food all homemade (including the pasta), and the cocktail program is craft. Consider it your most romantic of options. Then, there is Truckee Tavern. With more of a bistro-type feel, it is here that you will find exceptional food and a current cocktail program set in an atmosphere that is not upscale, but is certainly warm and definitely hip. If you want a dining experience that is enjoyable, but is more casual, the Tavern is your best bet. If you would like to treat yourself and your loved one to a meal that is sure to wow the tastebuds and impress even the most distinguished of palates, book your reservation at Trokay. This is an establishment that you would definitely not have seen in downtown Truckee twenty years ago and that provides an accurate barometric reading as to how the local demographics have evolved. Their Winter 2018 menu consists of such delicacies as a Salsify, Honeycrisp Apple, Seared La Belle Farms Foie Gras ($27) and Juniper, Ash-Cured Mt. Lassen Trout, Fennel, Citrus, and Thasos Olive, this being offered as part of their $105 Prix Fixe Menu. Trokay stands firmly on the cutting edge of culinary art and will undoubtedly provide a top-shelf experience.

In keeping with true Truckee spirit, however, all this wining and dining should come on the heels of a day spent exploring the outdoors and earning those mouth-watering prizes. There is a vast array of activity immediately at your fingertips here in Truckee, giving you absolutely no excuse not to have an adventure-packed Valentine's Day. For starters, you could rent a pair of snow shoes for $15 at Tahoe Sports Hub. Located on West River Street in downtown Truckee, the Hub's team of expert mountaineers can assist you with all your equipment needs and will be able to suggest an accessible trail for you to use that equipment on. Want to get into the back country via snowmobile? The experienced group of back country guides over at Coldstream Adventrues can provide knowledge and expertise as they take you out into the beautiful terrain that is Coldstream Canyon. Safety is first and fun is paramount as world-class, Lake Tahoe scenery is taken in and true escape is achieved.  How about a romantic cruise on Lake Tahoe? Lake Tahoe Cruises offers several options for those looking to find their sea legs while simultaneously sipping champagne. And, of course, we all know the best way to spend the day with a cherished companion is by making turns in the snow going down your favorite ski hill. We are happy to report that snow has officially accumulated through some steady regional precipitation so, grab your gear, grab your pass, and grab that main squeeze and hit the slopes. The day of Adventurous Amore is yours to take here in Truckee.    

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