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Quality of Life in Truckee at an All-Time High – by Nick Cisik

When you wake up in the morning, are you thankful for your surroundings? I know I am. Having now lived in Truckee for over five years, with stints in other west coast cities to draw upon for comparison, I can confidently attest to the extraordinarily high quality of life to be lived in Truckee, California.

Allow me to count the ways. First and foremost, there is nothing better than breathing in fresh Sierra mountain air which, in the summer season, pleases the olfactory senses as the earth warms itself and bakes with pine. To find yourself, within only minutes, on one of Truckee's myriad hiking or biking trails, breathing in deeply and feeling the mountain breeze as it moves swiftly across your face, immediately recalibrates your perspective and delivers a calming message that only time spent in nature can convey. During the winter months, as we are now seeing, thankfully, exhilaration and on-mountain adventure abound at any of the local ski resorts – again, accessible within minutes. Sitting down for your chosen après-ski after a day spent carving turns through the freshly fallen snow is an affirmation of life well-lived if nothing else.

If education is a priority for you and your family, the schools located within Tahoe Truckee Unified School District continue to receive accolades, with several recently being given California Distinguished School Recognition. Setting itself apart from the pack through an innovative approach to education is Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, now one of 23 national Expeditionary Learning Education schools to achieve credentialed status, a recognition reserved only for schools exemplifying consistently high standards of performance and character. No matter which path your child is on, the fact that he or she is guaranteed a first-rate education, one promoting scholastic excellence, outdoor immersion, and overall quality of character, all against the backdrop of the Sierra Mountains, makes life in the town of Truckee even more appealing.

Snow is falling as I write this blog entry, with much more precipitation anticipated throughout the coming days. If you haven't had your day on the slopes yet this season, never fear, the best conditions are now able to be enjoyed as we enter the midway point of our winter season here in the Sierras. If you would like to book a trip up to Truckee, may I suggest contacting our associates over at Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals. Their concierge team are at-the-ready to assist you with your visitation accommodation. Call them today! And, as always, our team of professionals here at Carr Long Real Estate looks forward to helping you achieve your Lake Tahoe luxury real estate goals here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.      

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