When Weather Hits the Best Place to be is in your Home in Tahoe

Home Ownership In Tahoe: A Safe Alternative to the Traffic Event

Over the past several weeks, the Tahoe community has welcomed record numbers of tourists into its majestic arms. During these influxes, local businesses make their quotas and, in doing so, hope to build repeat business. That’s the upside. The downside is that those who travel to Tahoe by car have found themselves sitting in seemingly interminable lines of gridlocked traffic in their attempt to return home, souring the experience of spending time in such a magical place as the Tahoe Basin.

Many of those who suffered during these traffic events—especially those traveling to points West—were forced to turn around and find local accommodation, in some cases having to drive all the way to Reno in order to do so.

It is in these moments that the enchantment of wintertime in Tahoe can lose its luster. Why let it? Through home ownership here in the Truckee Tahoe area, you will have the option of waiting out heavy traffic delays due to inclement weather and stay wrapped within those same majestic mountain arms that welcomed you only days before.

If this is an idea you have been entertaining, there are always options for potential buyers, even in the current climate showing low amounts of inventory. One such opportunity is about to hit the market in the form of a studio Residence here in the Village at Northstar.

Residence 505 in Big Horn Lodge is the perfect balance between mountain tranquility and resort activity. Situated conveniently at the southern end of the Village at Northstar, Big Horn is only a few steps from the gondola yet removed from the center of the Village where all the action takes place.

505 Big Horn is a penthouse Residence, meaning you will rest far above the Village floor. In the morning, after a peaceful night’s rest, you can be on the slopes within minutes, the gondola standing only feet from your front door, ready to carry you up onto Northstar’s world-class ski terrain. You will be the very first to make tracks through the freshly fallen snow, your close proximity guaranteeing it.

It makes sense to have a place to call your own, just in case Mother Nature decides to remind us who is really in charge. At Carr Long Real Estate we can help you find just the right place for you to call your home-away-from-home, no matter what your financial conditions are.

We are always here to lend our expertise and commitment to excellence. Call today!

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