Culture Abounds with Classical Music in Lake Tahoe – by Nick Cisik

Classical Tahoe performs in Incline Village offering the best in classical music for Lake Tahoe. Last night I attended a performance given by the Classical Tahoe Orchestra on the Sierra Nevada College campus. It was an evening of opera entitled Mozart Onstage: the Drama of Love. It featured four singer/actor fellows from the San Francisco Opera Adler Fellowship program and was a very enjoyable evening.

I was fortunate enough to hear Maestro Joel Revzen, the artistic director and principal conductor being interviewed on Capital Public Radio last week. This led me to do further research online where I found that Classical Tahoe is a three week classical music festival held on the beautifully forested campus of Sierra Nevada College just a half hour's drive from Truckee. During those three weeks there are six full orchestra performances given, three chamber music programs, as well as a free family concert and a pre-K Music and Movement class.

The performances are given within the comfortable confines of the Classical Tahoe Pavilion. Last night the venue was packed with at least three hundred guests, all of whom listened attentively as the music of world-class performers washed over them. It was a night of arias and semi-staged scenes from some of the most revered works in operatic history. The subject matter was Love and the selections for the evening came from such venerable composers such as Verdi, Donizetti, and the star of the night, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There were other stars shining, however, not only in the night sky, but on stage as well. As our host for the evening put it, we were hearing the voices of tomorrow today, and she was not gilding the lily. The four Adler fellows brought every ounce of their talents to bare, commanding the audience's attention with each emphatic note produced. The orchestra, I later found out, is partially made up of former and current Metropolitan Opera Orchestra instrumentalists which made complete sense after hearing the exquisite sounds that resonated from the pavilion stage earlier in the evening.

Fortunately for us all, there are still four performances left in this summer's festival, so anyone with an appreciation for the classics should take full advantage. Enjoy!        

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