Virginia City is the Best Day Trip From Truckee Tahoe

Best Day Trips From Truckee–Virginia City – by Nick Cisik

Truckee, Tahoe, Best Day Trips, Virginia City, Fun, historical sights, Reno, Nevada, saloons,We all know how much fun Truckee can be and how the extent of activity available is seemingly limitless. There does come a time (believe it or not) when you might find yourself desirous of something fun to do with your family and loved ones that takes you outside the parameters of the Truckee/Tahoe area. One viable option happens to be located within an hour and a half's drive of Truckee. It is a small, throw-back town located just outside of Reno, Nevada and is a national historic landmark. We have yet to see the miracle of time travel become a reality and, sadly, we may never, but let there be no doubt that as you pull into this hidden gem of a town known as Virginia City, that you are experiencing what could be considered the next best thing.   

Perched high up in the hills surrounding America's "Biggest Little City" (Reno's endearing nickname), you will be  "comin' 'round the mountain" many times over in your approach. As that last bend is rounded, however, you are instantly transported into another time–that being, literally, the gun-totting jingle jangle of the West that once was. Now, do not get the wrong idea. Virginia CityThere is a holster hipped welcoming committee in place to greet you, but they certainly mean you and your kin no harm (as long as ya'll exercise a respectful demeanor). Many of them (and it is difficult to differentiate between those that might be employed by the town, similar to those in character at say, Disneyland, and those who are just enthusiasts gussied up for fun) are dressed in the fashion of the times, sporting shotguns and pistols manufactured during that same era, and they piece together congruently with the wood-planked creakiness and old-time western balcony charm of this national treasure. The main street is lined with saloons and shops peddling antiquities and souvenirs. There is a candy store whose owners purvey sweets and other nick-nack Americana that will have you flashing back to days long gone by (mmmmm...Jawbreakers). Did I mention saloons? Yes, there is a fistful. The one not to miss, however, is the Bucket of Blood Saloon. Offering up a cozy, player piano atmosphere with wall art artifacts and historical portrait photography, this watering hole is cut right out of the 1860's, as is the whole town, and will have you wondering why Doc Holiday isn't there? The friendly bar staff will pour you a shot and a beer as you listen to the live country band (did they just cover Okie From Muskogee?) and smile congenially at those doing the two-step. WalkwayBe warned though, that if you fancy yourself an aficionado and are looking for a modern day craft cocktail, you best turn 'round and head back to that Biggest Little City because there ain't no Campari behind the bar.

You can probably knock out a few rounds of hooch and walk the main drag, peeking in on some of the brick (yes, lots of brick) and mortar retail in about two to three hours so, couple this time with one of the many beautiful hikes accessible nearby and you have yourself one heck of a day all within an hour's drive of Truckee. And once back in town, you will be thankful you reserved your accommodation through the expert team at Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals. Their group of ambassadors will be happy to outfit you and your family with a luxury home or condo situated in one of Tahoe's most attractive locales. Call to book your trip today and have fun!!      

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