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Scott & Leigh Benner

My wife and I have had many experiences buying and selling homes across the country due to career moves. Never have we had a better experience than we did with Mark DiGiacomo and Carr Long. Mark handled both our recent purchase of a home in Northstar and our Northstar sale. To say Mark made our life easy is an understatement. First off we handled the purchase while he was on a flight to Pennsylvania and I was on a business trip. The deal was struck before he landed! The sale was equally impressive. Not only was his market analysis honest and accurate, but knowing we would be listing once we moved into the new home, he started letting folks know that while not listed it would be coming on the market. Suffice it to say we filled out the paperwork to sell and 18 hours later accepted an offer. Mark did not stop there, he handled inspections, oversaw necessary work that was needed etc. It was our best representation ever by a long shot. It’s no wonder both Mark and his firm are so successful. Top of the line skill, while being low key, relaxed and knowledgeable.

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