The Best Restaurants to Eat at in the Village at Northstar

Foodie at Northstar: The Best of the Village Eateries

There is nothing quite like sitting down to a meal after a day spent out in the wild, exploring the world-class terrain available here at Northstar. There is surely something about skiing (or riding, if you're into that) that makes for a ravenous appetite. As that first bite of nourishment is enjoyed, the senses seem to be exaggerated in their gratitude; brought to bare from a sustained and focused effort made out in the elements, engaging in one of the world's most challenging and rewarding sports.

Here, in the Village at Northstar, a wide variety of eateries are available for you and your family to dine at after that last exhilarating run has been taken. Furthermore, there is something for every palate to be satisfied by. From the authentic Mexican cuisine served up at Los Arcos Mexican Grille to the Hawaiian-inspired menu at The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge, you simply cannot go wrong in where you choose to dine. Let's break down the list of choices then, just so you can find exactly what it is you are looking for:

  1. TC's Pub: zero pretense, 100% tasty is how I'd classify this Northstar staple. My friends and I ducked wearily into TC's after a full day of skiing and were in need of sustenance. TC's delivered. We ordered two plates of nachos, sweet potato fries, and chicken wings (great sauce!), and could not have been happier. The cooks at TC's don't "phone it in" just because they're serving up a classic bar menu, just the opposite actually. The fries were hand cut and the wings had a sauce you want to take home with you. All of this was served up by a friendly and attentive staff. Choose TC's for its throwback mountain appeal and hearty treats.
  2. Copper Lane Cafe: still no pretense, but surely more of a progressive and health-conscious selection of items to choose from. From craft brews being served from the tap as well as from their grab-n-go refrigerators, you can begin by quenching your thirst at Copper Lane. From there, once your whistle's been wet, move to the counter to order a made-to-order sandwich from their deli. I had their T(urkey)BLTA on a hoagie roll and was shocked as to how good it was. Grass-fed bacon, ripe avocado, fresh tomato and lettuce, and lean turkey made for a quick dispatch. And what's more, Copper Lane is also a convenience store, offering high-end products to round out your experience. Stop in at this one-stop-shop and get everything you might need, Copper Lane being a purveyor of all things quality.
  3. The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge: just as high-end as Copper Lane, but more of a restaurant than a cafe, Sawtooth Ridge combines Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and throws it on the "California grill" making for a grill-marked succulence sure to put smiles on every member of your family. Word around the Village is that the crab cakes are not to be missed nor are the poke bowls. If fish isn't your thing, not to worry. The Californian Burger (no connection to the SNL sketch), sure to satiate those hallow ski legs, might only be outdone by the Snake River Farms Wagyu Eye of Rib Eye, both items guaranteed winners.
  4. Rubicon Pizzeria: now here is another Northstar staple that's withstood the test of time. They've done so by taking a genre of food that everyone loves and served it up with care and consistent quality. I always order their Apple & Pecan salad (probably their most popular menu item). It's larger than life and seemingly takes a lifetime to finish (I kid, but it's big). Their pizzas are made only with the freshest of ingredients, sourced locally, and used in a timely fashion, guaranteeing a positive experience that will have you returning many times over. Did I mention their craft cocktail program? They have that going for them as well. Again, no pretense, just good food served in an inviting atmosphere.
  5. Tavern 6330: I stopped into the Tavern to sample one of their famous Bloody Mary's and ended up staying for the Grilled Scallops because I figured if the quality of the Bloody was any indication (which it usually is) as to what the food would taste like, I'd be in for a treat. And I was. One Coffee-Crusted Duck Breast and a 10 oz. Berkshire Pork Chop later I walked out trying not to walk back in immediately after doing so...for dessert. I'll be back for more farm-to-table fine dining sooner than later. In fact, I'm done here. I think you know where I'm headed.

But before I go, if I may leave you with any lasting impression, it would be that there truly is no going wrong when dining within the festive surroundings that make up the Village at Northstar. Northstar is California's premier ski resort for a reason, because of the consistent quality it has always strived for to attract those who recognize it.

Happy dining!


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