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The town of Truckee gets its name from the Paiute Chief Tru-ki-zo. History states that the first Europeans to settle in this area were approached by the friendly chief upon their arrival. He hollered to them, "Tro-kay!" which is Paiute for "everything is all right." Ironically, there is a sense in this town that everything is, in fact, all right. It may be the water, possibly the air, or perhaps the sun, but Truckee is, without a doubt, one mountain town offering an extraordinarily high quality of life. From its historic center filled with shops, cafés, and restaurants, to the beautiful mystique surrounding Donner Lake, to the hiking and biking trails (of which there are myriad), not to mention its close proximity to a plethora of epic ski terrain; you simply have a whole world at your fingertips here in Truckee. Even the locals who have called this town home for years still have yet to do all there is to do, so, as the locals like to say, "come for winter, stay for summer" and let the essence of Tro-kay inform your family's life.

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Image for 8133 Valhalla Drive
8133 Valhalla Drive
Single Family
6 bed | 6.5 bath | 9783 SF
Image for 9525 Wawona Court
9525 Wawona Court
Single Family
7 bed | 7.0 bath | 8198 SF
Image for 10009 E River Street
10009 E River Street
Image for 000 Rue Hilltop
000 Rue Hilltop
Image for 8186 Valhalla Drive
8186 Valhalla Drive
Single Family
6 bed | 7.0 bath | 7810 SF
Image for 8458 Valhalla Drive
8458 Valhalla Drive
Single Family
7 bed | 7.0 bath | 6431 SF
Image for 19505 Glades Court
19505 Glades Court
Single Family
7 bed | 7.0 bath | 10676 SF
Image for 11970 Martis Peak Road
11970 Martis Peak Road
Image for 8076 Villandry Drive
8076 Villandry Drive
Single Family
6 bed | 6.5 bath | 4796 SF
Image for 00000 Donner Pass Road
00000 Donner Pass Road
Image for 13260 Snowshoe Thompson
13260 Snowshoe Thompson
Single Family
6 bed | 5.5 bath | 5975 SF
Image for 00000 Brockway Road
00000 Brockway Road

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