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The Penthouses at Great Bear

The Penthouses at Great Bear stand alone and above their Village at Northstar counterparts. These Residences offer a unique Northstar experience due to both their structural makeup and incomparable centralized location.

Situated right in the heart of the Village at Northstar, all of the Penthouses at Great Bear boast expansive balconies which overlook the excitement and activity taking place around Northstar's beloved ice skating rink. During the winter months, the Village at Northstar is transformed into a virtual winter wonderland and residents at Great Bear get a front row seat—not to mention immediate access—to all that is on offer.

From a structural standpoint, the Penthouses at Great Bear were designed to provide a luxury living experience for its residents, one that would strike a keen balance between privacy and convenience. For example, each Penthouse is an individual "floating" structure, meaning that extra space was added to all sides of each Residence. This limits noise and adds a private, non-intrusive component to the living experience at Great Bear creating a truly peaceful mountain escape.

Additionally, each Penthouse offers direct and secured elevator access. This means that once vehicles have been parked in the heated garage located beneath the building, owners have only to take the elevator up to their floor where the elevator doors open directly into their Residence—no hallways, private access only.

Lastly, the Penthouses at Great Bear boast the most square footage available in the Village at Northstar. All Residences are either 3 or 4 bedroom Penthouses, all offering at least 2,000 square feet of living space. Each floorplan at Great Bear provides rewarding living spaces through open kitchens and generous living rooms, places where multiple families can come together to connect or retreat to luxurious en suite bedrooms.

All seven residential buildings in the Village at Northstar contain high-end resort accommodation. For those looking to experience Northstar, CA at its finest, the Penthouses at Great Bear offer an elevated option.

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