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Tahoe Lakefronts

At its deepest, Lake Tahoe drops to 1,645 feet. It is a fresh water lake resting in all its blue majesty on the northeastern border of California and Nevada. Around its shores lies waiting a world of outdoor adventure and entertainment, not to mention a Nordic-style mansion built in 1929 called Vikingsholm. In the winter, Lake Tahoe, with its nine ski resorts, welcomes skiers and alpine adventurers from around the world and during the summer months allows for world-class boating and competitive yachting to take place on its waters. Lake Tahoe has a storied history dating back to its first native inhabitants, the Washoe Indians. Today, it is home to a diverse group of people, all of whom consider themselves extraordinarily fortunate to live and play in a place of such overwhelming natural beauty.

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Image for 180 West Lake Boulevard
180 West Lake Boulevard
3 bed | 2.5 bath | 1468 SF
Image for 2560 Lake Forest Road
2560 Lake Forest Road
3 bed | 3.0 bath | 1350 SF
Image for 8000 North Lake Boulevard
8000 North Lake Boulevard
3 bed | 2.5 bath | 1788 SF
Image for 8004 North Lake Boulevard
8004 North Lake Boulevard
2 bed | 2.0 bath | 802 SF

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