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Vote Yes on Measure R - Trails for Truckee

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Truckee, California Please be sure to support our community by voting yes for Measure R on June 3, 2014. Measure R creates an expanded network of public trails in Truckee, CA. An expanded public trail system makes Truckee a more special place to live, to work and to recreate. Our destination town of Truckee will benefit enormously from a more extensive trail system of both paved and dirt paths. Expanded trails helps us keep up with other mountain towns such as Sun Valley, ID which boasts a highly elaborate & extensive paved trail system that stretches for scores of miles, from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood. Providing Truckee residents and visitors with quicker and easier access to paved trails and to open space makes Truckee a safer place to recreate and a more appealing community for families to raise children. Over the past decade the Town of Truckee has created a network of paved and dirt trails that connects neighbors, friends & families to one another. Truckee’s trails provide safe routes for school children to safely pass from school buses and to come and go from school. Lastly our trails offer recreational opportunities away from the dangers of the roadway and encourage the very same outdoor recreation that Tahoe is most loved for. The funds used to develop Truckee’s trail network to date are now nearly depleted – and you can help by voting yes on Measure R! Photo Gallery

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