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Truckee's History at the Emigrant Trail Museum

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Emigrant Trail Museum, Donner Memorial State Park, Truckee, California The Tahoe area in general and Truckee in particular is rich with a complex history. It’s a history made up of the experiences of different groups of people who ventured to and through our section of the Sierra for a number of reasons. This includes pioneers from the East on their westward voyages, Native Americans, and those with the tough task of building the transcontinental railroad to name a few. The stories all showcase the fortitude and determination inherent in our human nature. They differ however in the way they end, as some are stories of great success and accomplishment while others are tales of tragic suffering and loss. The names from this history are all around us in Truckee on a daily basis. They’re easy to overlook if you’re unfamiliar with these tales from the past, but everyday landmarks such as names of streets, lakes, summits, businesses and much more will take on a new meaning for you once you peel back the layers of history that serve as the foundation for our area. One of the best and simplest ways to do just that is to visit the Emigrant Trail Museum in Truckee, located at the Donner Memorial State Park. The museum details the stories of the early settlers and passer-throughs by way of elaborate life size dioramas and displays. Recreated scenes and genuine artifacts are showcased in a way that helps bring the people and their stories to life. A fascinating short movie is a must see for any museum visitor as it details the misfortunes of the infamous Donner Party and describes the multiple families involved in that tragedy. Visitors to Truckee should make a point to stop in for a visit and broaden their understanding of this region’s past. It’s well worth the short amount of time it takes to get to the museum and make your way through it. As an added bonus there’s a gift shop that sells postcards, posters, maps and books, which add more details and dimensions to what the museum already offers. Museum Photos

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