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Truckee's Best Old-Fashioned Toy Store

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Truckee Variety Company, Downtown Truckee, California Right in the heart of downtown Truckee along historic row there’s a store that seems to have just about everything for those who are either young in age or at least young at heart. From games, toys and candy to gadgets, gizmos and souvenirs, this store is like heaven for children and great for those adults who occasionally like to act like children. From the outside the store does not look too big, but it opens up once inside and offers an endless supply of items to play with and explore. Any family coming to Truckee for a vacation should make a point to visit Truckee Variety Co. at the beginning of their stay. With a huge selection of board games, puzzle books and art supplies, there’s sure to be something perfect for those fun-filled family evenings where everyone is gathered together around the fireplace. In addition to items for the family gathering, it’s safe to say that the Truckee Variety Co. has one of the highest concentrations of sugar per square foot anywhere in Truckee. It’s where your kids will want to go to get their sweet reward for good behavior, and you won’t mind taking them because it’s so simple to grab yourself a few treats to feed your own sweet tooth. Last minute gift items and vacation souvenirs line the store’s shelves, as do ideal birthday gifts and potential holiday stocking stuffers. The toy car selection is second to none in Truckee, and in my family that keeps my kids wanting to go back time and time again. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, stop in just to see the place. The bright colors will boost any mood. Downtown Truckee has so many great stores and boutiques to visit. You could spend hours browsing and feel like you need more time. Next time you’re downtown, make a point to stop in to the Truckee Variety Co. It’s a rewarding experience for all ages. Posted by Tori Long Truckee Variety Co. Photos

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