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The Best Milkshake in Truckee

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Jax at the Tracks, Truckee, California Sticking with our sweet tooth for the moment we’d like to honor Jax At The Tracks, affectionately known as the “Truckee Diner” for serving the best milkshake in town. Housed in an original 1940’s diner clad with a head to toe stainless steel interior, Jax At The Tracks boasts by far the best milkshakes in Truckee, all the while serving it up with a true 1940’s experience. Pop into JAX anytime of day and your meal & milkshake will be guaranteed to please. Breakfast entrees are served with fresh homemade jam. For lunch grab a foot long hot dog or a signature sandwich melt. Jax uses local ingredients whenever possible and has a wide array of menu options. Offering good ‘ole fashioned comfort food, Jax has kept with the once Philadelphia-based diners roots. First launched during the Depression Era in order to serve affordable fare, stainless steel diners were friendly establishments abundant across America caringly serving home cooked food with a smile. The famous voyage of the Truckee Diner began in 1992 in Pennsylvania and took two weeks to travel some 3600 miles across America. The diner ultimately landed itself right next to the railroad tracks in downtown Truckee and since then has become a landmark for its new hometown. Before opening for business, Jax underwent a whopping $1.2 million dollar face lift and within no time became the treasured establishment that it is today. Food critics even agree that Jax is a special place - Guy Fieri of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives spent three days shooting an episode of his cherished show live from Jax! While at Jax, your food will arrive lickety split and is always scrumptious making the diner a must-experience for families with children. Chances are good you’ll even catch the sight of a train during your visit. See you at the Tracks! Posted by Tori Long Photos at Jax

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