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Take a Trip to Virginia City and Travel Back in Time

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Virginia City, Nevada In 1859, Virginia City quickly earned a permanent place in the history books with two amazing discoveries of gold and silver. The Comstock Lode, as the ore came to be referred to, was worth billions of dollars in today’s figures. As you can imagine, this news attracted much attention throughout the country and people flooded to the area in search of riches. In a matter of a few years, Virginia City turned into a booming mining town and reached a population of nearly 25,000, making it one of the larger communities in the entire nation at that time. Virginia City quickly became one of the most important industrial cities between Denver and San Francisco, and in fact the city of San Francisco was built with silver from the Comstock Lode. Many prospectors became almost overnight millionaires, and their money not only helped to finance the Civil War, but created Virginia City virtually from scratch. They built churches, mansions, schools and opera houses, many of which are still standing in Virginia City today. A visit to Virginia City is like a trip back in time. Although it is no longer booming like it once was, it comes back to life a bit when you see the original buildings and hear locals tell stories from the past. You can take a guided trolley ride through the streets of Virginia City and get a good look at all the historic sites and buildings. You'll also learn some fascinating facts at the same time from a knowledgable guide. If you’ve got more time on your hands, you can take a train ride from Carson City to Virginia City and arrive in town just like folks did back in the day. There are a multitude of museums to visit downtown where artifacts and historical details abound. Two famous cemeteries are undergoing restorations because of their historical significance, so are definitely worth seeing, but don’t linger too long as there are many claims of hauntings in this once very lively city. Virginia City is only a 15-minute drive from South Reno or just an hour from Lake Tahoe, however, once you are there you feel so much farther away, not only in distance but also in time. Virginia City is a refreshing break from everyday life, and allows visitors an opportunity to connect with a bygone era of American history whose impacts are still apparent to this day. Virginia City Photos

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