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Tahoe Tough Mudder Returns to Northstar

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Northstar, California The weather is perfect this weekend in Tahoe, and the Tough Mudders have descended upon Northstar California Resort for the 2014 Tahoe Tough Mudder. The Tough Mudder is a 10 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With incredibly innovative courses and obstacles, The Tough Mudder has grown to become one of the premier adventure challenge series anywhere. The 10 mile course begins mid mountain at Northstar and weaves up and down the mountain through some pretty extreme obstacles with creative names. The Arctic Enema, Ladder to Hell, Balls to the Wall and Pyramid Scheme are just a few of the obstacles participants need to navigate, and these are pictured in our photo gallery below. Participants do everything they can to complete the course and to help fellow Mudders conquer the many obstacles. The Tough Mudder is quite a scene to behold and the number of people participating this weekend is staggering. The preparation and setup was a huge undertaking, and the resulting infrastructure is very impressive. Another very impressive feature of the Tough Mudder is their commitment to a charitable cause. A portion of the proceeds from every event goes to The Wounded Warrior Project. To date, Mudder Nation has raised over $6 million to support the transition of warriors returning home from current military conflicts. Seeing the Mudders in action firsthand is inspiring and it’s very apparent they are all having an incredible time despite the physical exertion and discomfort. The satisfaction the participants feel after conquering the obstacle course is also very apparent. Group celebrations, hugs, and high fives are everywhere at the finish line. If you’re a spectator be careful though, as a muddy participant might just try to give you a hug and spread the mud. A very happy Mudder tried to do just that with me, but I escaped his muddy hug just in time. Enjoy the photos below and go Mudders! Photo Gallery

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