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Sierra Valley Farms Farmers Market

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Sierra Valley Farms, California Our amazing location in the mountains of California offers too many benefits to count. One of those amazing benefits is the availability of some of the best farm fresh produce anywhere. Finding a farmers market this time of year is not difficult and in fact it’s easy to visit multiple farmers markets each week without having to travel very far. One of our favorite markets that’s a little further away, but well worth the trip, is the weekly market at Sierra Valley Farms. Located about 45 minutes north of Truckee between Sierraville and Portola, Sierra Valley Farms is proud to host the only “on-farm” farmers market in the state of California. The market operates every Friday from 10:00 to 2:00 during the summer months. 16-20 vendors, selected for high quality product, present their goods among the unique farm buildings which remind us of days gone by. Consistent quality of produce offered at Sierra Valley Farms makes the trip worthwhile and always rewarding. Succulent strawberries remind us of berries we shared with our grandparents as kids, & mouth watering peaches make our kids’ eyes light up with delight at first taste. Vibrant tomatoes are so meaty and can be eaten for dinner with a knife and fork just like you would eat a steak. Artisan cheeses are the best in the area, and high-quality handmade crafts make incredible gifts and home accessories. Click here for more details about Sierra Valley Farms and for directions to the farm. Make the trip to the farmers market one of these summertime Fridays and you certainly won't be disappointed. Farmers Market Photos

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