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Northstar California Ski and Snowboard School

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School is cool! Especially when your teacher is a certified ski and snowboard instructor and your classroom is out on the Northstar California ski slopes. Each course is designed and instructed using the unique Northstar Teaching System, which ensures that consistent teaching and coaching styles are similar from coach to coach. This system is proven to work for all ages and skill levels, from the seasoned experts to the beginner novices. The Big Easy beginner area and progression parks are likewise designed to gradually accelerate learning in a comfortable and safe environment. The contemporary teaching and learning systems of Northstar California create a unique and individual learning experience, and the memories made combine a skill to a memory that can both be used anywhere and never forgotten. Reservations made at least two days in advance are encouraged to ensure availability. A wide variety of class styles are at hand, from group lessons to individual. For additional information, please follow the link attached to the Northstar California Lessons Page.

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