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A Fall Ride on Tahoe's Flume Trail

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The Flume Trail, East Shore Lake Tahoe, Nevada The Flume Trail is one of the most well-known and widely acclaimed mountain bike rides in all of Lake Tahoe. It offers some of the most scenic views of the lake and surrounding mountain terrain, but try not to get too caught up in the views while you’re riding the flume, because the single track gets pretty narrow in certain spots. The trail suits riders of most abilities, and provides an experience that won’t be forgotten. The trail is located on Tahoe’s east shore, and starts at Spooner Lake. Depending on where you are coming from, there are several different ways to get you and your bike to the trail’s starting point. Since we were coming from the North and West, we parked our car where the trail ends at Tunnel Creek Station, and took the shuttle further South to where we began the ride. This shuttle service runs 7 days a week from July to November, and costs only $15 with your bike or $10 if you’re renting a bike. Saving both time and energy, the shuttle allows riders to focus their attention on the best parts of the ride. Once you depart from Spooner Lake, the initial portion of the ride includes a pretty demanding climb to Marlette Lake. Enjoy the burn while it lasts, because after you conquer that incline, the climbing is over and the beauty begins. Marlette Lake is a small man-made lake, originally built to float logs down to settlements around Lake Tahoe. Logs floated downhill along a gentle slope, and the “flume” trail follows that very same slope. This gently sloping trail seems nearly flat in places, but from it you can enjoy some of the most incredible vistas. Perched 1600 feet above the lake and only a half mile from the shoreline in some places, there truly is no other mountain bike trail quite like it. The narrow track makes it difficult at times to find a good place to stop, but when the trail widened a bit, we paused to take it all in and snapped the photos below. Enjoy. The weather was perfect on the day of our ride, and the pictures reflect the ideal conditions. At the end of our great ride and memorable day, our car was waiting for us where we left it at Tunnel Creek Station. We loaded up and headed home while reminiscing on a fantastic day. Photos by August Teague Posted by Tori Long Flume Trail Photos

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