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Lake Tahoe Maritime Museum Preserves Tahoe History

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Lake Tahoe Maritime Museum, Homewood, California Everything seems to change with time. Generations pass and new ones come along with fresh ideas and new visions for the future. Technology advances and expectations change and the end result is movement forward and progress. The rich history of Lake Tahoe is certainly a testament to such change and renewal, and one of the areas most noteworthy and appealing features has been a driving force behind so much of it. That feature is the lake itself, and as one of the most spectacular mountain lakes in the country, it has always attracted people to seek out activity and recreation on the water. Boating has long been a favorite method of so many to connect with and experience the lake, and although it takes a much different form today, it’s been a constant pastime over the years. As a result, Lake Tahoe has a storied and diverse maritime history that is worthy of recognition and preservation. The Lake Tahoe Maritime Museum in Homewood, CA is where this rich history is preserved and nurtured. It’s where stories from the past are presented in a manner suited to their historical significance. In a newly constructed building, appropriately reminiscent of an old boathouse, the Maritime Museum showcases maritime life on Lake Tahoe and how it evolved through the ages. By way of authentic and interactive exhibits, visitors can assemble a mental image of life on the lake as it probably will never be seen again. From actual vintage boats to a collection of old outboard engines, the displays are beautiful and impactful and seem to blur the lines of time. Beautifully preserved artifacts of swimwear and boating advertisements can be seen throughout the museum and add to the ambiance while telling their own unique story. Museums can sometimes be perceived as boring and stale, but I can assure you The Tahoe Maritime Museum is anything but that. The creators of this museum have found a way to present history in a fun and exciting way. With a designated kids’ area for art projects and a simulated boat driving experience, it’s very obvious children are a major priority at this museum. Our recent visit was with two children, and it was not easy to get them to leave. They had a blast checking out the exhibits and once they settled into the kids’ area, they pulled out the markers and colored scenes of boats on the water and designed their very own sailor hats. Fully provided for and funded by generous donations, it’s a special place, and the people responsible for bringing this museum to life deserve a big thank you from the rest of us. Photos from the Maritime Museum:

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