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King's Beach Renovation Has Begun

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King's Beach, California If you’ve driven through King’s Beach lately, it’s pretty apparent there are some major changes underway along the main section of Highway 28. Phase One of the King’s Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project has commenced and signs of progress are already apparent. The Core Project will upgrade and improve a 1.1-mile section of Highway 28 through the center of King’s Beach. The Project aims to revitalize Kings Beach through better storm water management, new streetscape designs and traffic improvement measures. The project will also improve pedestrian and bicycle access & safety while enhancing the aesthetics and feel of downtown. The construction of sidewalks, which are now virtually nonexistent along Route 28 in Kings Beach, will run adjacent to the highway and make the community a friendlier place for pedestrians and bikers. Bike lanes will also be built between the sidewalks and traffic lanes. The project will take some time until it's fully complete, but there's no doubt that once all the work is finished, King's Beach will be a much better place to visit and enjoy. Check out some work in progress photos below. Photo Gallery

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