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An Afternoon Golf Match at Gray's Crossing

One of the most important characteristics of Carr Long Real Estate is being able to label our brand as a true, local business that has strong ties within the community. Each of our associates live in the Truckee area, shop in the local stores, and enjoy Truckee and Lake Tahoe for the multiple attractions that make this area special. The Carr Long team makes an effort to get out and enjoy our unique location as much as possible, and recently the entire team was able to gather at a local golf course for a team golf outing. And what better place to enjoy an evening on the greens than at Gray’s Crossing Golf Club, located less than three miles from downtown Truckee.

Gray’s Crossing Golf Club boasts a Peter Jacobsen/ Jim Hardy premier 18-hole mountain championship golf course designed to give golfers “a return to tradition” experience. This makes Gray’s Crossing a popular location for golfers all over the state. When the Carr Long team assembled around 5:30 in the evening to begin the 9-hole match, the conditions could not have been more ideal; sunny and warm, and with the course seemingly to ourselves, it was the perfect way to relax as an office. With golf experience and skill varying among the eight team members at Carr Long Real Estate, the main purpose of the outing was to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful environment. Gray’s Crossing is all of that, and more.

Each hole of the signature course offered a little of everything, from creative club choices to different tactical strategies for fun and challenging play. We played a team scramble, which really led to some great interactions on the course between all members of the Carr Long team. Helpful tips were passed along from the more experienced golfers throughout the group, and the day was officially declared successful when the match ended in a tie. The day finished with drinks and appetizers at the Gray’s Crossing clubhouse restaurant, PJ’s Bar and Grill.

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