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Design Transformation In The Village At Northstar

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Ever since the Village at Northstar was conceived, the principals of Carr Long Real Estate have been devotees of the lifestyle offered here. Our business has always been centered on the happiness of the families we have helped become owners in the Village. As time has passed, there has been a pronounced shift in the design aspirations of the new wave of young families who are drawn to Tahoe. With a technological and very progressive mindset, these young families are frequently coming from the Bay Area. They aren’t looking for the vacation homes they grew up with, which were known for their warmth and cocoon-like architecture and interior design. Instead, we find these families want to bring their second home ownership experience into the modern day, with cool wall tones, lots of natural sunlight, bright pops of color and texture. Sometimes, the shift even spills into the architecture, where roof forms and interior finishes have completely departed from the traditional. Since so many of our clients purchased in the mid 2000’s, when they are ready to sell, their homes don’t necessarily conform to the current trend of cool modernity. We discovered the amazing impact that interior design can have on real estate when Carr Long Real Estate was asked by the Ritz-Carlton owner to represent the sale of the Ritz-Carlton Residences. These Residences had been completed in 2009, and after a 4-year wait for the property to emerge from foreclosure, the interiors had started to feel a little dated. We recommended that Jay Jeffers, of the Jeffers Design Group in San Francisco undertake a fresh new interior design for our 2 model residences. Jay brought an amazing excitement to his work. His enthusiasm and bright personality spill into his designs. He repainted, recarpeted, accessorized, and furnished 2 residences, and the result was impressive. The reception by the buying public was tremendous. Upon release in 2013, the Ritz-Carlton Residences immediately surpassed everything in Northstar in its pace of sales. To date, all but 2 of the Ritz-Carlton Residences have sold. Tori Long, founding partner of Carr Long Real Estate, became a devoted student of Jay Jeffers. She successfully brought this hip designer’s vibe into her own home, with new paint, fabrics and artwork. Inventive uses of color and the finger-painting talents of her 2 & 4 year old sons were used to evoke a Jay Jeffers look, but with personal touches and affordability that comes from doing-it-yourself. In a bold move to capture the hearts and minds of our new incoming buying families, and with Tori’s perfected skills, Carr Long Real Estate has undertaken an exciting new transformation of a condominium in the original building of the New Village at Northstar. When first built, the interior design firm of Ranch House Interiors, from Boulder Colorado offered furnishing packages that interpreted a ski residence with warm tones of orange, tan and burgundy, accessorized with deep, rich brown leathers, dark stained alder cabinets, warm tan paint on the walls, and artwork that reflected these same orange, brown and burgundy tones. Inspired by the smashingly appealing design for the Ritz-Carlton Residences that Jay Jeffers completed last year, Carr Long brought this very hip vibe to Iron Horse South Residence 1208. The walls were painted in a cool gray color called London Fog. All of the artwork was changed out, bringing in a fresh palate of colors to go with the new wall tones. Minimal furniture was changed, but accessories, pillows, tabletop decorations, place settings, new bedding, shelf décor items, bath towels and linens, were all changed out to bring the interior aesthetic into the current period. Already, we’re finding this speaks directly to the new wave of buyers. Two of our newly staged homes went in escrow within 14 days of staging, in a very quiet period of a low-snow year. This treatment of Iron Horse South Condominium 1208 is such an exciting transformation for the Village at Northstar that we are anticipating a market shift. We are so confident that this will bring new interest to the Village, that Carr Long Real Estate has revived our famous “Village Wine Walk”. Coming in the early 2015 summer season, we will host our 2nd Wine Walk, which will provide participants not only access to Petra’s curated wine tasting, but also an opportunity to see “Before” and “After” versions of condominiums in the Village at Northstar. More details to come! We are thrilled to share what we’ve done with you.

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