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Apple Hill Celebrates 50 Years

Apple Hill, CA 50 Years Of Timeless Family Fun In Apple Hill! For the past half century, the little known area established as Apple Hill has been growing, expanding, and thriving as a family destination since 1964. In the past 50 years, the Apple Hill Growers Association has grown to include more than 50 ranches and orchards that provide so much more than just simple apples and pies. While the appealing mild Sierra Nevada temperature draws in some visitors perfect for exploring the numerous u-pick apple orchards and berry farms, other visitors are drawn to the regional fine wines and handcrafted beers that are readily found at any of the breweries that can be spotted around Apple Hill as well. One of the most appealing aspects of visiting Apple Hill is the feeling of escaping to the countryside, which is definitely the feeling when visiting Apple Hill. Rest assured, while driving through the back roads may feel like traveling deep into the countryside, guests to Apple Hill are often amazed to find out that none of the farms are located more than 5 miles from Highway 50. Not long ago, my family had the opportunity to enjoy all that Apple Hill has to offer for a young family. My sister brought her family along as well, and the entire group had a great day exploring the pumpkin patches, attractions, and of course the apple farms. The children especially enjoyed exploring the Rainbow Orchard, with tasty treats such as the Hot Apple Cider Donut. Lunch was at the Jack Russell Brewing Company restaurant, which was chosen from the many options because of the legend of the Saison beer that is brewed there. Anxious for a sample, the adults in our group declared it the best they had ever tried. Apple Hill is also expanding to offer more than just apples- they have pumpkin patch’s and Christmas Tree farms available when in season as well. The Christmas Farm options in particular are especially extensive with Nordman Fir, Noble Fir, Silver Tip, and White Fir tree species available for choosing.  

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