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Anyone Up For A Round Of… Footgolf?!

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Anyone up for a round of…. Footgolf? Footgolf, one of the most popular growing “sports” in California, has come to Truckee! Situated on the golf course driving range, the resort community of Old Greenwood is proud to announce a new activity for its members to enjoy- Footgolf at Old Greenfoot! For anyone unfamiliar with this new sport, it is a combination of soccer and golf. Players kick soccer balls toward a pin located down the fairway, then “putt” once they reach the green around the hole. Footgolf rules are very similar to golf, with the largest difference being that the pin-hole size is now almost two feet wide! For a complete list of Footgolf rules from the California Footgolf Association, please follow the link attached. This is a game ideally situated for families looking to enjoy an afternoon together playing a new sport that is growing in popularity in California. Players wear sneakers or running shoes, and no fancy equipment is required other than a soccer ball. With over 48 courses throughout California, it is surely just a matter of time before it becomes an Olympic Sport!

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