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An Evening on the Truckee River Legacy Trail

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Truckee, California In just a few days the most recent phase of the Truckee River Legacy Trail will be complete, expanding the existing Legacy Trail all the way to Glenshire. Residents of Glenshire have been eagerly anticipating the completion of this latest phase, providing easy trail access into downtown and beyond. The first three phases of the popular trail have been finished for several years now, and it’s definitely one of the most utilized trails in Truckee. Paralleling the Truckee River, locals love the convenient location and flat terrain provided by the Legacy Trail while offering easy access to the river. Last week, my family headed out on a perfect evening for some biking along the Legacy Trail. The sun was an hour from setting, the bugs were elsewhere, and the air was an ideal median between hot and cool. Stopping along the ride for occasional swim breaks was both fun and refreshing, and was a great way to enjoy this fantastic trail through the heart of our community. To top the ride off, we stopped for dinner at Best Pies and enjoyed our favorite slices of pizza in downtown Truckee. This was an evening we won’t soon forget, and will definitely repeat in the near future. The new trail looks amazing and we can’t wait until the section connecting Glenshire is officially open. Posted by Tori Long Legacy Trail Photos

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