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A Winter Walk in Old Greenwood

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Old Greenwood, California Old Greenwood is a great community for so many reasons, and I think one of the things I love best about our Old Greenwood neighborhood is the beautiful sun filled landscape. Of all the golf course communities in Tahoe, Old Greenwood wins the prize for having the most sunshine at all hours of the day. Even during the colder winter months getting outside and walking on Old Greenwood’s trails can be such a warm and picturesque way to take in Tahoe’s blue sky & towering pines. The abundance of sunshine warms your body while creating a bright and inviting natural environment. Last weekend I took my boys out on a nature walk. We collected rocks and sticks along the way, and plan to paint them during a future art project. We stomped over snow covered boulders, past the frozen fishing pond and through prickly sage brush until meeting up with the golf course cart path. The cart path in the wintertime is the perfect place for running races and scooter riding. With no need to look out for golf carts and golf balls, the boys had a blast with their new found freedom on the golf course. It has snowed quite a bit since last weekend, and it looks like more snow is on its way next week. We’re excited for the snow, but the boys will be eager to get out on the trails of Old Greenwood as soon as the snow melts. Photo Gallery

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