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A Winter Walk Along Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe, King's Beach, California No matter what the season or the temperature outside, a walk along Lake Tahoe on a sunny day provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. With crowds nowhere in sight, you feel like the lake is yours alone, and the beauty of the lake will warm your heart while the warmth of the sun’s winter rays will warm your body. A recent excursion along the beaches of King’s Beach made for a great daytime outing with my two sons. The beautiful sunny day and mild winter temperatures had us craving the outdoors, and we all had a craving for the delicious crepes at the Brockway Café, so King’s Beach is where we headed. With no snow along the water’s edge, we were naturally drawn right to the shoreline of the crystal clear waters. The boys were able to gather rocks and create a treasured rock collection, and with the rocks that didn’t make they cut, they probably had more fun throwing those as far as they could back into the lake. There was just enough snow in a spot away from the water to build a snowman, and while they found countless ways to keep themselves entertained, I was in heaven soaking in the spectacular views and the warm sun. The crepes at the Brockway Café lived up to expectations, and the group favorites were definitely the strawberry and the blueberry varieties. Formerly known as the Blue Onion Café, this is one of our favorite lunch spots in King’s Beach and I highly recommend giving it a try sometime. It seems like we’re getting an early taste of Spring this year, and while I’m sure there’s still more winter in store for us this season, it’s great to take advantage of the warm days when they present themselves. There’s just no substitute for a good dose of sunshine, fresh air and some good old-fashioned outdoor exploration. With more warm days in store this week, keep King’s Beach in mind as you plan ways to enjoy the great weather. Posted by Tori Long Winter Walk Photos

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