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An Inspiring Ride on Tahoe's Flume Trail

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Lake Tahoe, Nevada Last weekend I had the pleasure of riding one of the most scenic mountain bike rides in the country. This is only the second time ever that I’ve ridden the legendary Flume Trail. I must say both times presented the perfect blend of challenge & reward. The initial 4 mile uphill climb is quite a workout for an intermediate biker like myself, however, reward comes in the form of a genuinely fun downhill terrain all the while being surrounded by one of Mother Nature's most picturesque views anywhere. This gently sloping trail seems almost flat in places, but from it you'll enjoy some of the most incredible vistas. Perched 1600 feet above the lake and only a half mile from the shoreline in some places, there's truly no other mountain bike trail quite like the Flume Trail. The narrow single track makes it difficult at times to find a good place to stop and enjoy the views, but as the trail widened a bit, we enjoyed a brief rest to take it all in and snap a few great photos! Enjoy. Flume Trail Photos

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