Carr Long Real Estate Introduces Luke Huscher

Carr Long Real Estate is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Luke Huscher. Please enjoy Luke’s bio below, we’re certain you’ll quickly become as fond of Luke as we are. Stop by our sales office in The Ritz-Carlton to say hello to Luke in person.


As a lifelong California resident, I’ve been up, down, and across the golden state more times than I can count. Originally from Redding, I grew up enjoying Lake Tahoe for its multiple outdoor activities that offer a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere truly difficult to find anywhere else. My first trip to Lake Tahoe was a skiing trip when I was 12, and even then I realized I had found a unique location that offered a little of everything, for everyone, in any season.

While I was at California State University at Chico earning my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I learned to appreciate that, for me, one of the most interesting aspects of the business environment is creating a dedicated customer. With this is mind, after graduation in 2013, I moved to Lake Tahoe in order to start working for a world class company known for its outstanding customer service, The Ritz-Carlton. While at The Ritz-Carlton, I learned that exceeding expectations, whether of the business client or the hotel guest, involves engaging in a process to produce a valuable product and following through with delivery of that product.

Life works in funny ways. I actually met Don and Tori while I was working as a Doorman. Essentially I would greet them as they arrived on property at The Ritz-Carlton and open doors, assist with bags, or just provide a warm welcome. I had heard of the Carr Long brand as a leading brokerage that focused its business not only on the financial side of things, but also heard stories about the strong personal connections the organization made with past and current clients. As a result of observing their business practices, I knew that I wanted to work with Don and Tori and to find new opportunities to share my passion for business and people.

I’ve always been interested in real estate and was appreciative of the opportunity to become involved with Carr Long Real Estate, and help this amazing community that I call home grow as well.


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