The Summer Sounds of July 4th: A Sip, Sit, and Snack Breakdown of All the Live Music Being Played Around Lake Tahoe & Truckee

Summer is here and that means different things to different people. For many, a big part of summer entails the unfolding of lawn chairs, the opening of coolers full of ice cold beer, wine, or soda, and the opening of ears, allowing for the sweet sounds of live music to serenade the senses.

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Lake Tahoe is beautiful and pictures of it are awesome

Lake Tahoe and Its Culture of ‘No Fear’ — by Nick Cisik

Lake Tahoe draws all types of personalities, but there does seem to be several common threads that bond those inhabiting the area—whether permanently or temporarily—together to create the strong sense of community that exists here. Perhaps the most prevailing commonality would be the dare-devil, fear-facing, get-after-it mentality that is so palpable amongst the members of this […]

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mountain biker in lake tahoe

California Dreamin’: Two Great Tahoe Trails – by Nick Cisik

Once Daylight Saving Time has hit and the days start becoming longer, it is impossible to avoid thinking about the sun-splashed weeks of warmth that define summers in the Tahoe Basin. With a daily average high of just around seventy-five degrees and a cool mountain breeze to keep things fresh, any Tahoe outdoors(wo)man finds him/herself […]

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blizzard conditions frostbite ice and snow


A Winter Storm Warning is defined as: a winter weather event carrying precipitation in the form of snow, ice, or sleet with at least one of these precipitation elements meeting or exceeding locally defined 12 and/or 24 hour warning criteria. According to the National Weather Service, this next storm is expected to hit the Greater […]

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truckee, tahoe, real estate

Quality of Life in Truckee at an All-Time High – by Nick Cisik

When you wake up in the morning, are you thankful for your surroundings? I know I am. Having now lived in Truckee for over five years, with stints in other west coast cities to draw upon for comparison, I can confidently attest to the extraordinarily high quality of life to be lived in Truckee, California. […]

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