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Charlie and Marcela Smith

We have owned and enjoyed our home in Northstar for many years. Being a part of the fabric of the Northstar community, we have paid close attention to the real estate market for as long as we’ve owned our home. We’ve seen all the real estate signs come and go and we’ve gotten to know the players here extensively.

When it came time to pick the Realtors to be the listing agents for our home, we knew instinctively that it had to be Don & Tori. As we told them, they are our “inner circle”. They are the agents we have confidence in to be stewards of our multi-million dollar home. We trust them to be professionals at the highest level when it comes to security and safety. Our home is important to us. We have poured so much of ourselves into it and feel it is a privilege to be invited in. Don & Tori convey the spirit of exclusivity that we want. They have the tools to represent the home to prospective buyers in its best light.

Don & Tori’s firm, Carr Long Real Estate, has quickly become an innovator in the area for compelling and visible marketing efforts. They are also extremely collaborative and embrace opportunities to add our experiences into the presentation and marketing of our home.

We have known Don & Tori since they first arrived in Tahoe and have enjoyed watching their business succeed and grow. We are pleased to have them working on our behalf and will wholeheartedly recommend them to represent your interest whether you are a buyer or a seller of real estate in North Tahoe.

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