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Harrison Alonzo

I have had the immense good fortune of growing up and living where others choose to vacation. Gifted with a father in the Ski business, my family has called Vail, Colorado home for over 30 years. At the age of 5, my family took a hiatus from Colorado, as my father was recruited to help develop the Ski & Snowboard School at Northstar, and the Village at Northstar. I attended elementary school at Truckee Elementary, and truly learned to ski on the slopes of Northstar. I really came to love this area, the smell of the ponderosa pines, and the massive blizzards that bring feet of snow.

Sports are my passion. As a high school student in Vail, in addition to skiing on the varsity ski team, I played varsity golf and varsity lacrosse. I was named captain of all three teams for both my junior and my senior years. Then there came a time, as every multisport child athlete learns, when you have to pick. Growing up in the cold Rockies and ski racing 5 days a week, I was ready for warm weather. I chose golf and was invited to play on the Rollins College golf team in Winter Park, Florida. I earned a double major while at Rollins in International Business and Asian Studies. As part of my extensive studies, I lived in China and taught in a school for Kindergarten students. I was an active member of Chi Psi fraternity where I was elected to a variety of leadership positions. I loved working with and leading the Rollins Sport Fishing Association, as well as playing guitar in the Acoustic Ensemble.

My dad has encouraged me for years to pursue a career in real estate sales because he believes I am an exceptional salesperson. The opportunity to work for Carr Long Real Estate at this launching point in my career is really exciting for me. I have known Tori Long for most of my life and I know how much I can learn about the real estate business working at the company she co-founded. 

In a world where so many recent college graduates struggle to find good jobs, I feel unbelievably fortunate not only because I love this job, but also because I am so excited to be living in Tahoe again. When I get off work I immediately get to go play outside! No more oppressive late summer heat, the mountains are the place for me. Just like so many other Tahoe residents, I’m happiest with my fly rod in my hand, my feet or my bike on the trail, and my ski’s moving through soft snow beneath my feet. Having the chance to live this lifestyle and to get started in my real estate career is a rare privilege. I was drawn to this area for the environment, and happily stayed because of the people I get to work with.

Harrison Alonzo
mobile: 530.448.6557 | halonzo@carrlong.com

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