Truckee River Family Bike Outing

Squaw Valley to Tahoe City Bike Path, Squaw Valley, California

We went for an exciting family bike ride along the scenic Truckee River this weekend! We might possibly be the only parents in Tahoe who do not own a child carrier for our bikes. However, renting one worked out just perfectly!  Our adventure began at Factory Bike, located at the corner of 89 and Olympic Drive, where we rented the child carrier to tow behind our bikes. My 1 and 4 year old boys giggled and enjoyed being in each others company every minute of our outing.

It was a hot day in Tahoe as temperatures approached 90 degrees by mid-day. We took advantage of the bike path’s location, and countered the heat with a refreshingly cool dip in the river. Upon first sight of the water, my 1 year old ran towards the river as fast as he could, pulled off his sneakers and plunged right in. My 4 year old imagined he was fishing for “tuna” as he plucked river grass one by one out of the water. “Mommy, I caught another tuna. I have 2 tunas now Mommy!”

Shortly after our swimming hole rest stop, we turned our convoy around and headed back towards Squaw. The tempting smell of delicious BBQ was wafting towards the bike path from River Ranch Lodge, and we just couldn’t resist it. This gorgeous outdoor setting nestled along the river called to us hungry bikers. We satisfied our hunger with yummy salads and cheeseburgers and quenched our thirst with a couple of microbrews.  Within no time we were on our way again to complete our journey.

If you’re looking for something to do with your toddlers without extending them beyond needed nap times, be sure to try a 2 hour scenic ride along the Truckee. Factory Bike at the entrance of Squaw Valley will cover all your biking needs, including cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes & child carriers. And if you left your helmet at home, don’t worry– they’ve got those too!

See you next time on the bike path!

Posted by Tori Long

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  1. Patti Shay on August 13th, 2012 4:38 pm

    What a wonderful outing for those two sweet boys!

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