Tahoe’s Moon at its Best in Gray’s Crossing

Tahoe Mountain Club Full Moon Mixer, Gray’s Crossing, California

Even though it’s a constant fixture in the night sky, there is still something absolutely intriguing about the moon, and it’s always offering something unique to those who appreciate it from below. Sometimes it’s a full, bright beacon of light in a clear sky, and other times it just peeks through the clouds and offers only a quick glimpse. Its many shapes and sizes and ever changing position in the sky add to the wonder and fascination with something so constant.

Last night, the Tahoe Mountain Club took advantage of the moon’s allure, and hosted a Full Moon Mixer at Gray’s Crossing. It was a great chance for Tahoe Mountain Clubbers to come together for a night of great food, drinks, music, and of course some moon watching. I’ve watched the moon rise many times and in many different places, but there is something uniquely captivating about watching it come up through the majestic mountains and pines of Tahoe. Maybe I’m partial since I call Tahoe home, but I think it would be tough to find many who would not agree.

In typical Tahoe Mountain Club fashion, great attention was paid to even the smallest of details, and as a result the mixer was a big success. I’m always so impressed with the thought and care that goes into an event like this, and I’m also always very appreciative that they make children such a big priority. My four year old son had an absolute blast playing the kids’ games with the other children, and is always made to feel special at all Tahoe Mountain Club gatherings. The adults got plenty of attention as well, with wine tasting from Valley of the Moon Winery and beer tasting from Blue Moon Brewery. Our youngest family members enjoyed a drink too, their own special “Moonshine Juice”. It’s refreshing to see that kids are always so well taken care of at the Club’s events. I’m saying thanks for all TMC moms!

If you missed your chance to see the moon the other night at Gray’s Crossing, I’ve got great news for you. The moon will actually be at its fullest on Friday night, and you will get a chance to see a rarely occurring “blue moon.” The moon will not be blue, but since it’s the second full moon in the month of August, it gets a special name significant of its rarity. The next one is not until 2015, so if it’s been a while since you’ve really marveled at the moon, take advantage of the coincident timing and at least do it “once in a blue moon.”

Posted by Tori Long

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