La Pitchoune Wine Tasting with Carr Long Real Estate Ritz Carlton

La-PitchouneCarr Long Real Estate hosting La Pitchoune winery for a wine tasting at the Ritz Carlton Highlands!   Inspired by a small family property in the south of France, owners Tracy and Peter Nielsen chose the name La Pitchoune which means “the little one”.

Tracy Nielsen, a friend of the Carrs, who’s making time in her Tahoe tour to meet with us. We share a love of French style California wine with Tracy and know the tasting she’s put together will be unique. The wine isn’t sold retail and it’s still new enough to be a bit of a secret. So come discover a boutique wine we think is worth your time to taste.

This Wednesday, August 10th, we will be sharing wine from La Pitchoune from 3 to 5 in our Carr Long Real Estate office in the Ritz-Carlton.

Here’s a link to check out the winery



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