Celebrating the Season at Old Greenwood Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest, Old Greenwood, California

Each year the Tahoe Mountain Club puts on an impressive fall festival for kids in celebration of Halloween. Children arrive in costume and are greeted by a spread so large that it takes up the entire grounds of the Pavilion. Sitting on the front lawn is a giant tent, and inside that tent is a petting zoo with every animal imaginable. From lamas to baby chicks, to ducklings and even the tiniest baby piglets, children can interact with animals in a way they rarely get to do. Pony rides are offered as well, and these are always a kid favorite, with even the smallest of toddlers taking a ride.

With grandchildren in tow, proud grandparents join in the event, while parents get a thrill watching their little ones partake in all of the festivities. Pumpkin carving is the main attraction on the back lawn, but of course children must first select their prized pumpkin from the pumpkin patch before showing off their carving skills. The pumpkin patch features pumpkins of all sizes, big and small, and children are careful to pick the perfect one. Surrounded by hay bales, the central focal point of the pumpkin patch is the giant green John Deere tractor gently placed for kids to climb and play on. The Truckee Fire Department even visited the Harvest Fest this year parading Engine #5.

And what would Halloween be without sweet treats? With lots of homemade goodies, including fresh baked “bone” pastries, chocolate pudding treats galore, and hand-painted cookies to top it off, no family member goes home hungry.

The Tahoe Mountain Club truly outdoes themselves at each special event they put on. Even the Club staff thoroughly enjoys the fun decked out in full costume head to toe!

Next year, be sure not to miss this great event.

Posted by Tori Long

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