Fun for the Whole Family at Reno’s Jump n’ Shout

Reno, Nevada
Fun for the Whole Family at Reno’s Jump n’ Shout

With the dazzling sunny weather in Truckee lately, winter can seem like its anywhere else but in the near future. None the less, the sunshine and warm weather is expected to change quickly into rain and frigid temperatures which that can often make weekends difficult to enjoy. One recent weekend my family and I decided to take the short drive into Reno to visit the Jump n’ Shout indoor kids playground, which comes highly recommended for families with young children. Situated as the “premier sports center in Reno” this facility is well run and offers a collection of different activities for all ages. From beginning classes in tumbling and gymnastics to allowing kids to play on a huge inflatable bounce house playground, this set-up offers children to chance for effortless fun.

My family particularly enjoyed the open play with the inflatable bounce house playground, which is the perfect way to spend a rainy day or night. Weekly open play with the bounce house’s are open every Friday and Saturday from 10:30am though noon. After an hour and a half of crazy times jumping, running, and sliding around the bounce houses my kids are tired and content for a ride back home. With the admission charge of $7 per child, this is a great and affordable way to spend some quality family time in a wonderfully fun environment.

For more information about the classes and activities available at Jump n’ Shout, their website is a great source of information.


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