A Ride to Remember on the Squaw Valley Cable Car

Squaw Valley Cable Car, Squaw Valley, California

As a Tahoe resident, I’m always looking for a great new vantage point from which to enjoy the natural mountain beauty that surrounds us. I recently had an experience that provided some of the most unique and spectacular views around. That experience was a ride on the Squaw Valley Cable Car. A trip on the Cable Car is a relaxing and leisurely ride filled with panoramic views of the beautiful mountain scenery. Passengers are carried 2000 vertical feet to High Camp, where at an elevation of 8200 feet, numerous activities and incomparable views await.

In the summertime you can go swimming or relax in a hot tub. You can play tennis, disc golf or paintball, take a ride on a zip line or go roller skating. High Camp is also a great starting point for a hike, and the perfect place for a drink and a bit to eat while soaking it all in. The Olympic Museum is also at High Camp and can be visited year round. The museum showcases many memorable moments from the 1960 Winter Olympics and admission is free with your cable car ride.  

In the winter months, when the mountains are snow covered and glistening, High Camp offers access to skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Some prefer the snowy mountain views to the summertime ones, but no matter what the season, if you take a ride on a clear day like the one we had, it feels like you can see forever across the high sierra landscape.

Unfortunately last weekend was the final weekend of operation for the Summer Season, so a summer trip will have to wait for now. However, the tram operates during the winter as well, so you won’t have to wait that long to take a ride. Opening Day for the winter season is November 21st, so put it on your must-do list, because a ride on the Cable Car is definitely something worth experiencing.

Posted by Tori Long

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  1. Patti Shay on September 28th, 2012 1:52 pm

    What a spectacular view!

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